Naomi and the Judds.

Naomi Judd committed suicide earlier this week. I’m still not sure how to write about it, to be honest. I loved listening to her when she and her daughter Wynona were a country music duet. When you listen to their music now, you can tell that Wynona had the stronger voice that carried throughout their various songs. But Naomi seemed to be the backbone to Wynona; they complemented each other. I don’t think Wynona would have enjoyed the career she has today if her mother hadn’t been there from the beginning to sing with her.

I also never realized that Naomi suffered from depression and other mental problems. I knew that the reason she quit was because of having a rare form of hepatitis but I didn’t know that she had bouts of depression throughout her life. It must be hard to have to pretend everything is okay for so long while everything inside is so black.

I’m glad that Wynona and Ashley Judd were able to go to the country music awards and accept their mother’s induction into the country music hall of fame together. They’ve had an uneasy relationship since forever and it was nice to see them together acknowledging their mom’s accomplishments. I’m not sure why they had such a rough relationship but I feel like I’ve always known that. Hopefully they’ll be able to reconcile their differences now that their mom’s gone.


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