60 Things That Make Me Happy.

Photo by Nina Uhlu00edkovu00e1 on Pexels.com
  1. My husband.
  2. My dog.
  3. Long walks.
  4. Reading a good book.
  5. Warm, sunny days.
  6. Traveling to new places.
  7. Finding a book that I’ve been looking for forever.
  8. The weekend so I can be with my husband and dog.
  9. Falling straight to sleep.
  10. Writing/blogging.
  11. Having a good idea.
  12. Seeing Alaska for the first time this year.
  13. Seeing a whale and a moose in the wild.
  14. Elephants
  15. Breadsticks.
  16. Pepperoni pizza with extra sauce.
  17. Writing in my journal.
  18. Fawns.
  19. Hiking.
  20. Smoky Mountains/Blue Ridge Mountains.
  21. Black bears. And polar bears. And Brown bears.
  22. Forests.
  23. Postcards.
  24. Baby animals in general.
  25. Random adventures with my husband that he comes up with.
  26. Country music.
  27. Quiet mornings.
  28. Not having to go anywhere.
  29. Sprite/7Up.
  30. Lemonade.
  31. Hot tubs.
  32. Chicken dinners.
  33. Christmas lights.
  34. Having food delivered (a luxury these days.)
  35. Dogs.
  36. Documentaries.
  37. Rock climbing.
  38. Camping in a picturesque spot.
  39. Having my chores done.
  40. Listening to an interesting speaker.
  41. Garth Brooks songs.
  42. Listening to nature sounds.
  43. Pretty much any kind of soap from Bath & Body Works.
  44. Taking pictures.
  45. Sleeping in an expensive room.
  46. True crime shows.
  47. Looking at new books.
  48. Playing the Sims.
  49. Wolves.
  50. Looking at expensive houses on Zillow.
  51. Saving money.
  52. Noodles over mashed potatoes.
  53. Mashed potatoes in general.
  54. Bike riding.
  55. Sitting on my back porch.
  56. Greeting my husband when he comes home.
  57. My husband telling me the food I made is good.
  58. Cincinnati Reds.
  59. Sunning myself while reading.
  60. Swimming.

This post was inspired by The Confusing Middle’s post “101 Things That Make Me Happy.” I was originally going to do 101 things but I couldn’t quite make it in this post. Maybe in a future post.


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