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I don’t think I made it an official decision to read more this year, but I’ve been trying to do that. It hasn’t exactly worked out in the way that I’ve planned, but I’m trying and that’s all that matters. I also (unofficially) decided at the beginning of the year that I’d read more books that I’ve never read before and less re-reads. I tend to read books over and over again. I was doing okay with that for a while, but now my read again books are equal to the ones I haven’t read. Again.

I don’t know why I want to read more books I haven’t read before. Probably because I have a million books that I haven’t read, plus all the ones at the library that I want to check out. It’s hard to finish your to-read pile when you continuously re-visit ones you’ve seen before.

Anyway, with that being said, I’m reading a book that I haven’t read before. Shocking, I know. And to be honest, I’m not enjoying it. I was sucked into it at first but now I’m just reading it because it’s like a car wreck — you don’t want to see it, but you can’t help but slow down and watch it anyway.

Has anyway had one of those books before? You know the ones that you hate reading but you can’t help it because you want to see how much worse it can get? Please tell me I’m not the only one!


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