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There are people on YouTube who upload videos talking about books they’ve read, books they want to read, books that are coming out, how they set up their book shelves, and various other topics related to books and reading. Truly, the topics are endless for these people who upload about books. They call themselves booktubers. You know, youtubers for books.

I didn’t always know about them. A few years ago, I picked out a couple of these so called youtubers to watch. Some of them were fun, others not so much. In the end, they got kind of boring. Some of these booktubers like certain kinds of books and present their videos with a certain aesthetic, so while appealing for a while, it tends to get kind of boring for me. Especially when they’re favorite genres aren’t ones that I like to read in all the time.

There are still a couple of booktubers that I follow on a semi regular basis: A Book Olive and Literary Diversions.

A Book Olive

Olive Fellows is a Youtuber/freelance book reviewer from Pennsylvania who also works at an independent candle shop (which she occasionally references when they get a really cool smelling candle in.) Her interest is in nonfiction and reads a wide spectrum of topics. I follow her on a regular basis because I like that she talks like she’s having a conversation with you. She talks about what the book is about and what she did and didn’t like about the book without getting super excited about it, like some other youtubers I watched. Her approach is more like a conversation and I like that a lot, not to mention that I’ve been getting more into nonfiction books lately and she tends to find the well written ones.

Literary Diversions

Lianne is Scottish and boy is she loud and fun in her videos! I like listening to her and the way she talks about the books she’s read is so much fun. I know I mentioned some people getting overexcited about their books, but she is pretty tolerable. She’s mostly into mysteries, suspense, and crime novels, but occasionally she’ll dive into other books if it sounds interesting. I’m not into mysteries all the time, but I like listening to her talk about what she’s read, so that’s why I’m still following her. Not as much as I used to, but she’s still on my watch list.

Do you watch booktubers? Do you think they’re weird or do you find them informative for your next big read?


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    1. I did a couple videos last winter then I got busy then sick and just never went back to it. I stunk at it.

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