Reese’s Book Club

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One of my favorite book clubs to follow is Reese Witherspoon’s book club. She’s had her book club for at least three years now and announces her new pick every month. The books she chooses has a female main protagonist and the experiences she has in the world. Sometimes it’s a mystery, sometimes it’s literary, sometimes it’s a memoir. I like getting online and seeing what she’s going to pick for the next month.

I haven’t read all her picks, honestly. Sometimes I go back to the beginning of her club and pick books from when she first started and sometimes I read the most current book. I used to like it better in the beginning because Reese often picked them herself and weren’t always published the month she was picking it for. Nowadays, she has a production team picking her books for her, and they’re often published the same month. It’s kind of annoying for us who don’t want to wait for a copy at the library or for when it gets donated to the thrift shop or Half Price Books or wherever. I suppose when your book club gets popular, it’s hard to keep up with picking books every month for the book club.

I like her picks most of the time, so I can’t complain.

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