Dark, the Netflix Show.

Dark, Google Images

I started Dark on Netflix last night. I watched one episode and part of the next one. I thought it was interesting; so far it’s about a couple of missing boys and one character just came back from being sent to France and one man is having an affair with another woman and they’re both married (I think.) There was also a boy locked in a room with some music videos blasting on the tv or some such thing. Plus a couple other odd, dark things (no pun intended.)

I would have watched more of it, but it’s in German and I have to read the subtitles and sometimes it gets tiresome just reading and following along. I got used to it during the first episode but it was late and my eyes were tired. Trying to read is hard. Maybe when I’m less tired I’ll follow some more of the show. I’m getting the feeling that there’s going to be a supernatural element to this mystery and I’m already creeping myself out about it.

One of the main characters has been wearing a yellow jacket throughout the episode. It’s so bright yellow, it reminds me of the little boy in It. It’s a movie I haven’t watched but I’ve seen enough previews to know it. So maybe it’s a not to Stephen King and a foreshadowing to what’s coming. Which I’m nervous about. I’m not good with scary movies anymore, but this one has intrigued me.

Apparently there’s 3 seasons, so clearly it’s popular enough and there’s enough storyline to continue on. If I like what I see, I might see all three seasons. Who knows.


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