Juneau on a sunny afternoon. Copyright Ashley French 2022.

If there was one word I had to choose to describe Alaska, I would choose “welcome.” Everywhere we went, everyone was so welcoming to us, even though we were “non natives” as they called us. Not many people would think to come to Alaska to live, so when tourist season comes into full swing, they appreciate the people who come up to visit and pour their money into their economy. Even when we met people who didn’t know we came in on a cruise ship, they were super nice and welcomed us to their state. I’m not sure how many other states are this friendly. I’m sure there is so much cold weather there that seeing strangers brave their home at any time are people to say “hello” to.

Other words I’d describe Alaskans as:

  • Nice
  • Tough
  • Accommodating
  • Outspoken
  • Forward

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