Forrest Gump by Winston Graham.

I recently checked out Forest Gump by Winston Graham at the library. I had to get it through interlibrary loan because my library didn’t have it. I read about 40 pages of it and decided that it wasn’t the book for me.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad book per se, but having seen the movie version of it a million times over the years, I’ve come to have a certain idea of who Forrest is. The book is told from Forrest’s point of view, so the writing is a little choppy at best. As Forrest says, he’s not the smartest man in the world and is considered to be an “idiot” by everyone around him, including his teachers and peers. He seems to have a bit of a behavior problem too as he likes to beat people up a lot. It was a hard book to focus on and I was disappointed that it didn’t live up to Tom Hanks and his version of the character.

Now that I know how it’s written, I might check it out another time when I have the mindset to read it and see how I really feel about it. As for now, I don’t think I can focus on him.


2 thoughts on “Forrest Gump by Winston Graham.

  1. I was a freshman in high school when the movie came out and decided to read the book because I loved the movie so much. It’s definitely a very different experience compared to the film.

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