The Secrets of Dumbledore.

My husband and I watched the Secrets of Dumbledore over the weekend. Dumbledore’s secrets weren’t really a secret; everyone knew that Dumbledore was gay as early as 2007 (or so I read online, I can’t remember when Rowling announced it.)

I don’t remember much of the story, I think I even fell asleep during the end so I don’t even know what happened there. Newt was being his normal Newt-ish self, the part where he’s dancing like a lobster or whatever those things were was kind of funny. And Mads Mikkelsen was well, Mads Mikkelsen. I like that actor very much, he can play a great villain. There’s so much much control in himself, and yet so cool that it’s hard to know where the character ends and the real actor begins. I hope to see more of him in more mainstream movies.

I don’t remember much of the other people in the film; clearly, they must be forgettable, but then again, I was never a big Fantastic Beasts fan. I watch them because they remind me of the Harry Potter series, but they’re not really Harry Potter and the characters don’t seem to jive with the world for me. It’s disappointing but what can you do, to be honest?


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