American Royals by Katharine McGee

American Royals by Katharine McGee is written on the basis that when George Washington defeated the British in the 1700’s, the new American people proposed that he become the new American monarch. 200 years later, the descendants of Washington are on the throne and Beatrice Washington, the eldest daughter is going to become the first eldest female to ascend the throne. She has twin siblings, Samantha and Jefferson and the twins’ friend Nina. We follow Beatrice, Nina, and Jefferson’s ex girlfriend, Daphne as they fight to find their place in the royal heritage.

I enjoyed the book, but I wasn’t overly wowed by the book. For me, it felt like the author was following the storyline of the show The Crown and hence Queen Elizabeth II and her family foreword. Beatrice’s father dies of lung cancer, which is what happened in real life and Samantha acts out and becomes the “bad girl” of the royal family, which reminds me of Princess Margaret, and maybe even a little of Prince Harry.

While I enjoy stories of royal families, this just didn’t do it for me. America doesn’t need a “what if we had a monarchy” story. Why not write about the Kennedys or a family similar to them? Maybe it’s just me.

The book? Good. Good enough to read the sequels? Maybe not.

Rating: 3 Stars


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