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One of my in-laws’ dogs died yesterday. I didn’t find out until after 4 o’clock. I guess he hadn’t been eating for three days and then he ate a little bit yesterday and promptly threw it up. He was taken to the vet’s office and after some testing, discovered he had a big tumor in his stomach area as well as throughout his body. It was too far advanced to be able to take care of it, so the decision was made to put him down so he wouldn’t be suffering any longer. He’d just turned 16 recently.

It’s hard to say goodbye to pets, especially when you’ve had them for a long time. I really enjoyed this dog whenever we went over to visit, he’d come over and lean against my legs so I could pet him. He was super sweet. Plus I liked to consider him and my dog best buddies.

They also have another dog who is getting older. She and this other dog had been together almost their entire lives, so I can’t imagine what she’s going through. She’s probably wondering what happened to them. It’s tough and it’s making me sad thinking about it. I hope my dog lives a long life, he’s already so much a part of our day to day activities that saying goodbye would be hard.


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