Dream Jobs

Photo by Ian Turnell on Pexels.com

If I ever decided to switch careers, I would love to work with animals. Maybe not necessarily work as a veterinarian, but be around animals in some capacity. Working at an animal shelter would be a rewarding job, I would think, especially if it was at a humane society and not at a high kill shelter. I think it’d be so fun to be able to take them out on walks, feed and water them, and just love of them whenever I want to. I’m sure there’d be other things to do, but I’d definitely love doing that. Of course, I’d be sad when they leave, but wouldn’t it be rewarding to know they were going to a good home? A dog walker would be cool as well but I’m sure that’d be tiring after a while.

Other jobs that I would love to have:

  1. Mortician/funeral director
  2. Social media writer
  3. Writer/technical writer/freelance writer
  4. Book Reviewer
  5. Blogger
  6. Forensic psychologist/anthropologist
  7. Historian
  8. Genealogist
  9. Lawyer (weird dream to have but I learned about trial lawyers my senior year of high school and loved it, not to mention I love true crime shows and books)
  10. Dog musher/whale watching tour guide — just because I liked that stuff when we visited Alaska. Some kind of Alaskan job not associated with hunting.
  11. Flight attendant — just so I could travel to different places.
  12. Graphic designer — I don’t know why but I always wanted to learn this and my younger cousin does this as her job and I’m insanely jealous.

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