No Interest.

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My interest in reading books is waning again. Don’t worry, I’m not depressed or anything; this is something that happens to me occasionally. I’ll get super excited about reading and read a whole bunch, so I check out a whole bunch of books and suddenly I don’t feel like reading any of it. It’s just something that happens to me occasionally. I wish I could be a super reader like I used to be, but I’m just not that person anymore. Or maybe I’m still that person and I just don’t care to pursue that side anymore. I don’t know why?

Life happens I suppose. There’s so many things to do and not enough time to do it in. Or maybe I just need to force myself to sit down and actually read and stop making excuses. I make the same excuses for reading that people do for writing and it’s sad. I shouldn’t be making excuses for not reading. But the clothes and dishes need washed, the dog needs walked and the bed needs made.

I also don’t use the Oxford comma, as you probably noticed in the last sentence. Don’t be mad, I intentionally avoided using it for so long after college that it just became second nature to me. I have to consciously think about it now if I’m ever in the situation where I need to use it. No Oxford comma, don’t care.

How is your Wednesday?


2 thoughts on “No Interest.

  1. My Wednesday has been lovely. Thanks for asking.

    I experience that problem too. I will be in the mood to read lots of books and the next moment, feel it is so much work and give up.

    I think the solution is finding something that intrigues you. Like a novel full of suspense. Or a book full of new ideas and concepts you haven’t heard and ideas you would love to put into practice.

    So I would advise you to sort out the books you want to read by taking a look at the contents and starting your reading with the most interesting books.

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