Successful Weekend.

It’s been a successful weekend. Friday night I went to the golf course to watch my husband play golf. He rented a golf cart and drove us around the 9 holes. They’re remodeling the course so we could only play the front 9 holes. It was nicer riding the cart. Before we had to walk it and I just ended up sitting on the patio with my book while he played. It was nice to scoot along and watch him play without exerting effort.

Practicing on being the next Tiger Woods. Photo copyright Ashley French July 2022

Saturday I worked for a couple hours so I could help with the nature scavenger hunt, then in the afternoon we drive up to walk at one of the state parks and view the dam. It’s a nice area but it takes 40 minutes to get there. Sometimes I miss having places within a 30 minute drive from me.

Cooling off in the river. Photo copyright Ashley French 2022

Today we went to an open house for sale in town. I wanted to look at it because it was in town and was built in 1917. I love old houses and like seeing inside them. This one was just okay. The front porch was really nice and the downstairs living area and kitchen were well taken care of but the carpet upstairs and the bedroom paint needed redone. And the basement definitely needed finished, not to mention a very small yard. It’s a charming house but still in need of some facelifts that I don’t want to work on.

Afterwards we picked up the dog and went for lunch and now we’re home relaxing. I don’t have pictures from today but it was relaxing nonetheless.


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