Photo by Cats Coming on Pexels.com

I woke up tired this morning. I usually wake up tired, but I woke up especially tired today. Probably because I woke up at 4 in the morning with an excruciating headache and I had to lie there awake until the medicine worked it’s magic. By the time it was 7 a.m. it had finally gone but my husband had to get up for work.

I’m almost done with another Colleen Hoover book. I’m not proud to say that I’m reading another one, but I am. I’m determined to find out why people love her so much, but so far, I’m only finding terrible reasons NOT to read her. I usually like buying books, but I’m glad I checked her books out at the library because I don’t even want them hanging out on my bookshelves for any length of time.

The book I’m reading is called “Layla” and I feel like it’s another version of “Verity,” only this one is told from the man’s point of view and what a jerk he is. He shouldn’t even be allowed to exist. If people can accept this behavior from a fictional character, what are they accepting in real life?

On a side note, when I was looking for pictures for this post, I typed in “tired” and most of the pictures looked like depressed people, so I changed the keyword to sleepy and found cute animals sleeping. What is this madness?


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