Bicycle Trips.

Photo by Philipp M on

It’s three miles from our house to the pizza place on the bike path. If you were to walk, it’d take about an hour or so to get there. Last night, we decided to ride our bikes there and bike; it only took 30 minutes. Along the way we stopped at a church that kept a refrigerator outside under a picnic shelter full of water bottles for bicyclists to rest and hydrate. I’ve seen the church on the way to work a dozen times but never realized they offered water for bicyclists. It’s a good idea, considering their property backs onto the bike path. Might as well offer a free service.

I was worried that I was going to be sore by the time I got home or even the next morning, but so far I don’t feel any soreness from the right. I probably have walking my dog every day since the end of May to thank for this as I’m always moving and not letting myself get lazy this summer. I rarely missed a walk with my dog, except maybe on the days that I work, but a lot of times I go for a walk with my dog. When we were on our cruise in May, we rented bicycles in Skagway for two hours and peddled around hills by a river estuary and that made my knee feel a little sore. I’ve come a long way since then, but I also having bicycled for two hours since, either.

I think it’s coming along. I was proud of myself for biking for an hour and feeling good afterwards. My husband said that we can work up to going to the next town over from us going the opposite direction. He reckons it will take an hour to bike there and an hour back. It seems a little scary to me, but since I biked two hours up and down hills in Alaska, I shouldn’t be so scared to ride on a mostly flat surface in the Midwest. Maybe one day I’ll be taking long distance trips to Cincinnati or Cleveland before too long. We’ll see. I just need to build up to it.


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