My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix

Someone said this cover reminded them of Stranger Things. I never saw it, so does it? Photo by Ashley French 2022

Title: My Best Friend’s Exorcism
Author: Grady Hendrix
Published: 2016 (Quirk Books)
Genre: Horror


Abby Rivers and Gretchen Lang have been best friends since fourth grade. But when they were sophomores in high school, something strange started to happen after they spent a nigh skinny dipping with some girlfriends. Gretchen is acting a little strange. She smells, she acts moody, and weird things keep happening whenever she’s around. By the time Abby begins to put the pieces together of Gretchen’s “possessed” personality, she’s unsure of whether or not either of them will come out alive, let alone normal.

What I Think

I’m not quite sure how I think about this book. I didn’t necessarily hate this book, but I didn’t really love it either. The beginning was very slow with the amount of exposition it used to build up to the conclusion and when you finally reach the climax, it only lasts a few pages. This book is about demon possession, a story that’s trying to capture what The Exorcist did for some many decades ago, but the actual possession and exorcism seemed a little ambiguous. Was Gretchen really possessed or what she having a mental disorder that no one seemed to care to treat? Not many books can do ambiguous endings well, and this one isn’t one of them.

Rating: 2 Stars


2 thoughts on “My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix

    1. It’s an okay book but very strange. I could chalk it up to not liking a lot of books I’ve been reading lately but who knows 😱

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