Finding Your Roots

Photo by Daniel Watson on

Because my husband was out golfing with a friend last night, I spent part of the evening by myself. I took our dog for a walk since he was cooped up all day, then I made a little bit of something to eat. Right before he got home, I started watching Finding Your Roots on PBS. It’s a show where the host goes through the family tree of three famous people and talk about their different ancestors. I think it’s a good show, most of them have crazy stories revealed in their histories. Last night was the director of the Revenant and two painters/artists. I didn’t really know who any of them were, but I liked watching their stories. I wish there were more people that I knew on the show. I used to in the first couple of seasons, but now they’re branching out deep and I’m not quite sure I know who they are at times. It doesn’t really matter since I like listening to the stories, but sometimes it’s nice to recognize the people they’re hosting.

I didn’t really have a post planned today. If I get something together later, I’ll post again.


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