The Ideal Book Club

Describe your ideal book club.

I’m part of a book club at work. It’s not a traditional club because everyone who comes talks about their own book. We talk about what we’ve read, what we’re currently reading, and what we want to read. Some people don’t talk about what they’ve read at all, they just come to be a part of something. I wish more people would come but not a lot has.

Over the summer we had silent book club which I ran outside in the park every Thursday. We brought a book to read silently for an hour and in the last fifteen minutes we could talk about what we were reading if we wanted to. Not many people came to that either, maybe two or three at the most, one or zero in the least. But most of the time we didn’t.

So I like that I’m part of a book club that I can talk about whatever I want, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to talk about because I don’t always want to talk about what I’ve read.

I think if I went to another book club and tried it out, I’d enjoy it just as much. I would like to try a traditional book club and see how I’d like it, the kind where everyone reads the same book and then talks about it. It’d be cool to talk about a book over drinks and snacks. That’d be so awesome.


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