Sunday Scribblings: Bed

I make my bed every day. It’s not always when I get up right away, but I always try to go back and make it before the morning’s over with. There’s just something satisfying about a made bed. It’s like you can start the day on the right foot. Plus, it’s nice to get into a made bed; somehow I feel gross getting into an unmade bed.

I’ve been in a few comfy beds in my travels. The cruise ship bed was very comfortable. So was the bed at the castle in my wedding night. We stayed in a log cabin and while not a fancy, it was super comfortable in there even in winter. The Holiday Inn in Charleston, West Virginia was comfy too.

I suppose I’ve been in a few comfy beds over the years. It’s especially nice when you climb into them already made.

Sunday Scribblings is hosted by Aaron over at The Confusing Middle. His post on “beds” can be found here.


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