What’s New Here.

Photo by Gabriela Palai on Pexels.com

I’ve been slowly working on watching The Crown with Claire Foy and Matt Smith. I started it a long time ago back when there was only a couple of seasons but never finished it, then just decided to start again over the winter only to take another break. The episodes are an hour each, so it’s hard to sit down for an hour and just watch it sometimes. I’m almost done with season one, though and so far I’m enjoying it.

I’ve been working on the Good Girl’s Guide to Murder books and finished the first two books in two weeks. I also finished two books in The Walk series by Richard Paul Evans. I finished those two within 3/4 days of each other. So I’m pretty much doing good in the reading department.

We watched First Man last night with Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy. It’s more character driven as he’s focused on trying to get to the moon, but I found it fascinating the amount of work and years Armstrong put into getting up there, even setting aside family and friends. I didn’t realize he had a little daughter who died from a brain tumor. I think that helped drive him a lot to get to the moon.

Nothing else is very exciting in Ashley Town. We are working on creating a new area for the firepit. I’m super proud of my husband for doing it all by himself. He’s super handy and I love him for it.


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