My Week 12/2/22


On Monday I got an email saying my book came in at my 2nd library I use. I forgot I requested because it had a long wait line plus I hadn’t been using this library in at least a month (drive time has been getting to me and I’ve been sticking close to home.) So I went down to pick it up. I read it fast. The book is I’m Glad my Mom Died by Jeannette McCurdy. I didn’t watch Nickelodeon growing up and if I had I think I would have been too old for her show by that point so I never knew iCarly. The story was riveting regardless in a train wreck sort of way. I’m sad for her snd what she went through but I’m glad I just had to read it and forget about it afterwards.

I also read book 1 of the Brendan Chronicles. My aunt gave me all 18 books so now I feel obligated to finally read them. They’re set in the civil war so it’s intriguing but the books are long.


No new episodes of Ghosts this week. We watched the last 15 minutes of the rerun and it was still funny.

Skipped over Survivor this week as the season has been Uber boring. We did however watch Amazing Race. I’m glad the twins are still in the running. And how did they allow that guy who couldn’t swim well do the tasks this episode? Super weird.


I haven’t watched any movies this week.

Other Stuff

My work Christmas party was last night and we went to a restaurant I always wanted to try plus I got some presents: a mug that says bookish, a gift card and a canvas bag with L is for library on it. So neat as I want led a library bag. I used it to return books today.

Other than that I’ve been lazy. I need to get back into exercising & do some more reading and writing.


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