Winter camping, December 2022.

Camp life. Copyright Ashley French 2022

We decided we wanted to go camping this weekend. So far, winter’s been mild for us; nevertheless, the temps are steadily taking a downward spiral.

Friday was a surprisingly sunny day until my husband came home when it decided to rain as we packed the car for the weekend. It proceeded to rain for half of the 3 hour trip to our destination in Shawnee State Park in southeast Ohio. Even though it was late, the rain had stopped and we were able to set the tent up and get our gear inside. The first night’s always rough as we don’t know where the comfy spots are and the cold was slowly draining us. I was thankful for my husband and dog for keeping me warm.

The next morning we got up, made a small fire and had breakfast. It was then I realized we forgot my hiking boots at home by the front door and I was totally upset—I didn’t want to make my new tennis shoes messy. So we had to go into town and get some boots as well as some firewood for that night.

Winter greenery. Copyright Ashley French 2022

Afterwards, we made sandwiches for lunch the made our way up a small hill to an overlook. The view wasn’t much but the hike was tough going uphill. If you’re into exercise it might be considered an intermediate walk with your heart pumping and breathe heaving.

Grizzlies and sizzling beans. Copyright Ashley French 2022

After our walk we headed back to camp. We rested in the tent. I read the Grizzly Maze by Nick Jans while my family fell asleep. When my husband woke up, he made us supper while I snuggled in a blanket with my book. We took a short walk around the campground and saw the river up close.

We went back to camp and built up the fire and made popcorn. It was a bit colder that night with a little bit of rain, but it was generally comfortable. We thought about doing another hike today but we were too cold and tired, so we came home.

I thought the park was beautiful and nicely maintained. We passed the lodge and cabins and those looked comfortable too. Camping there was easy and the cost was low. I’d love to go again in warmer weather and use other parts of the park.

Fire watch. Copyright Ashley French 2022z

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