A couple of bloggers that I’ve been following this past year have decided to not blog as much right now. One is having trouble thinking of what to write and the other one took a break after blogging for over a 1,000 days nonstop (blogging again but not as much as before.

I hope my favorite bloggers decide not to go. Every time I find a cool blog or YouTuber, they announce that they’re burnt out and decide not to keep doing what they do.

I haven’t been reading as much but I’m still reading. I’m still blogging at least once a week. Hopefully I’ll get inspired to write again.


6 thoughts on “Bloggers.

  1. Don’t blog so much either. I have that same problem. I don’t know or what to post about since I’ve done so much of it. Never know who will like what I place on my Blog.

      1. Seems that I have followers that just don’t care about what I post. Don’t get much response at all. Thinking very seriously of dropping out of this blog thing.

  2. I have been thinking a lot about this recently. The trends are not encouraging, even from successful bloggers. Case in point, Allie Brosh, Wait But Why, Chuck Wendig, and Mark Manson. They’ve all found success but their blogs just died away. I wonder if I’ll keep blogging forever too, sometimes, or if there is a purpose to it. Anyway, didn’t mean to rain on your parade!

    1. Nah, it happens! I don’t know what makes people stop blogging but they do. I used to watch Cayleigh Elise and Lindsay Ellis on YouTube but one got driven away by cancel culture and the other realized researching true crime contributed to her depression and stopped and I’m sad haha

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