I had every intention of doing more today. I was going to bundle up and walk the dog, I was going to organize the front closet, I was going to snuggle and read most of my book.

Instead, I’ve been fighting a headache all day. It started yesterday when I woke up and it hasn’t left since. I’m feeling mostly okay now, but there’s still some lingering pain. I don’t think going from the teens to 60’s back down to teens again helped with my head.

I did manage to do some laundry, do a 10 minute yoga practice, wash my dog, and read my book a little bit.

I’ve been working on “On to Richmond” for a couple months now and I’m anxious to finish it. I’m enjoying the book, it’s just taking me forever to get through it. There’s several books and I want to get through them.


2 thoughts on “Intention

  1. Ashley – I’ve been trying to read more of my book named Holocaust written by Martin Gilbert. It’s quite a thick book to read. It’s the story of the Jewish people during WWII and the horrid things that were done to them by the Nazi War Machine. Martin describes in vivid detail of the atrocities that were done. It’s a good book, but very sad to read.

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