A Day at the Park.

It’s time to catch it! Photo by Ashley French January 2023

Wanting to get out of the house, we decided to take our dog over to the dam for a small walk and to throw his new dog frisbee for him. He was generally very good and caught several of the throws. I’m quite proud of this picture, I caught him right when he was about to leap up and catch it in the air. I tried to snap another photo when he was in the air but only managed to get him after he landed. Bummer! You can only get so many perfect shots, though.

Caught it! Photo by Ashley French 2023

I was looking through a book at work on iPhone photography and I got a few pointers on getting nice pictures on your phone, so it really helped me out a lot today. I wish I could go out and do this more often.

“I brought it back, mommy!” Photo by Ashley French 2023.

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