Defining success.

Success is sometimes a foggy idea. Photo by Ashley French December 2022

How do you define success?

I struggle with the idea of what success means. For a long time, I’ve subscribed to the idea of success to mean have a great job with lots of money, a big house, and lots of travel.

I would still like lots of money, it would make some things I want to do easier to obtain, and a dream job that I’ve never heard of would also be cool, but now I’m happy to just be home with my dog and husband. I’m curled up under my blanket and reading my book or writing in my journal.

And when we saved up enough money, we go on a traveling excursion. We’ve done lots of weekend trips and those have always been fun but I want to do more of those.

Plus I want to read more, write more, and possibly get paid for doing it someday.

Right now, I think we’re successful but I want us to be more comfortable financially and we’re getting there. If you’re always striving for more, you’ll never be happy but it’s hard to break out of that habit of thinking.

Success is a work in progress and I’m happy to say that we’re getting there.

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2 thoughts on “Defining success.

  1. Success is an idea that can be foggy. You may not know what it means or what you should aim for. Succeeding may not be aspired to as it once was. You may have found a more comfortableifestyle and are on the cusp of a new financial stability. The important thing is to stay positive and focus on what you can control.

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