Dream life.

What does your dream life look like?

I always think about this question and my thoughts rotate around different aspects of life as some things look more appealing at different points in my life.

My dream life would be full of travel and not just around my own country. There’s so many countries and cultures that I’d love to see and experience that it would be almost criminal not to experience. Sometimes I dream of living in another country even if briefly (say 6 months to a year or more.)

I love the mountains and would love to be closer to them. I will always love the Appalachian/Smoky/Blue Ridge Mountain areas and at times think about what it would be like to live there in a cabin in the mountains just hanging out and enjoying the scenery.

Then I think about Alaska with all the wild animals and beautiful scenery and want to live there.

My dream house fluctuates between wanting to live in a tiny home to having a fairly large home with a big bathroom and a reading room and kitchen with a front porch. Maybe one day we’ll make enough money for us to have more than one house.

I’d love to make money writing or photography or talking about books in some kind of format. If I was creative, I’d sell creations on Etsy.

As you can see, my dreams are all over the place, but as long as I’m in nature then I’m happy.


One thought on “Dream life.

  1. It’s wonderful to have dreams and to be able to visualise them. I feel as though I’m living mine and every day is a gift. Hope you have a wonderful 2023. Dream on! 💗

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