Irritating homes.

What irritates you about the joke you live in?

  • It’s small
  • There’s not enough storage space
  • No garage so the husband has to use the small bedroom next to ours as a storage room for his tools and outdoor stuff, reducing my ability to fully utilize both spare bedrooms.
  • Other bedroom is also a storage room and neither one is big enough to make as a guest room for visitors.
  • The previous owner actually used our home as a rental property and we quickly came to realize he didn’t care about fixing up the place properly. He did the cheapest fixing up to make it look nice without addressing other problems.

I could say a lot of stuff I don’t like but it’s generally facelift things that we need to do for the house. As much as I enjoy living in the country, I get super annoyed that places are 30-40 minutes or more from us. Grocery shopping is super annoying and wanting to have an afternoon to eat out, go to the movies, or just browse through the mall is inconvenient. I could handle it if the mall area was 20 minutes away but 40 is obnoxious. Especially with gas prices.

I haven’t been gallivanting in a while because of distance and the cold but maybe we’ll find a home closer to what we envision someday soon.

Bloganuary: Irritating homes


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