Ashley’s Life 3/20/23

I finished reading a couple of books: The Riddle of Pencroft Farm and Race Across Alaska. I enjoyed reading the Race Across Alaska one because it’s about the first woman to win the Iditarod and I was reading it while the current Iditarod race was going on, so that was a nice companion novel. It took me about two weeks to finish it because I was super achy and tired for about a week. I think I overworked my muscles or something. It was frustrating. At least I got to finish it. I enjoyed the Pencroft Farm book but it wasn’t what I remembered from childhood, so that put a damper on things a bit. I enjoyed the history mystery of the book, so that was it’s redeeming quality.

I still haven’t checked any books out at the library so far and I’m enjoying picking out books that I own. A book at the library came in for me that I forgot about requesting and I almost went down to check it out, but decided I didn’t want to. The author is one of the children from that show 19 Kids and Counting and I’m interested in reading what she has to say about her upbringing as her older brother Josh was recently sent to prison for possession of child p—. According to the judge, it was the worst pictures he’d ever seen in his life. I hope he stays in there forever. What a disgusting creep. Maybe I’ll read the book some other time.

Other than that, not much else has happened. I’ve been especially tired so I’m trying to regain my strength. Yesterday (Sunday) we tried a new pizza place and it was especially good. I think it was a woodburning stove pizza (I didn’t go inside, we had the dog so A. went in to get it for us.) I wouldn’t mind going again.


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