Brain Games — Sudoku

I took a child development class the last half of my senior year of high school. On the last week of school, my teacher brought out sheets of paper with sudoku puzzles on them. I didn’t know how to play, so she and a couple others told me how to play and from there on out, I was hooked.

The rules are simple: There are 9 rows both vertical and horizontal and 9 squares within the big box. The player needs to have the numbers 1-9 in each horizontal and vertical row and square but the same number can’t be in the same row or square. For example if you put 9 in the upper right hand corner, no other 9 can be in the same square or vertical or horizontal row that this 9 is in. By the time you fill in all the blanks each row and square should have all the numbers once. The rules are simple but can get difficult especially if multiple numbers can fit in one spot.

That’s why they call it a logical puzzle because you have to think about where you’re placing all the numbers. The game originated from Japan (as well as many other puzzles.)

I’d taken a break from playing sudoku for a while, and have only recently picked it up again. When we were in our cruise last year, a Japanese girl working for the line hosted sudoku puzzles in the morning and the first 3 people who filled in the puzzle in 15 minutes or less won a prize. Of course I didn’t win but it got me back in the game again.

Now I’m working on them again I’m a book and I’m finding that I getting a system down. I’m not fast but I’m getting better. I’ll have to get more games once I finish this one up.


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