Bath time.

I gave my dog a bath this morning. I’ve been bathing him once a month at the beginning of the month since December or January and I think I’ve finally gotten him to the point where he’s used to getting a bath. This morning I enticed him with his treat as usual and he went in the tub by himself. I scrubbed and rinsed him down and then toweled him off and he was done in less than 20 minutes.

I let him dry off naturally while I gave myself a shower and cleaned up then I took him for a walk since it was 70 degrees out and it’d allow him to dry off some more. Plus it’s supposed to rain today and I wanted him to have a chance to get some exercise before it poured down.

I’ve been washing him once a month now since maybe December or or January. I want to keep up with it because he gets super dirty fast and it makes him itch really bad. Not only that, it helps reduce his shedding for a while and helps with dander and allergies. I didn’t think I was allergic to dogs until I got a dog that sheds a lot. If I don’t bathe him and vacuum the house regularly then I start sneezing and extra headaches. I think I get it from my mom because if I don’t wash Pablo for a while or his blanket, she sneezes a lot when she comes to visit. So weird, huh?

Even within the allergy component I’d probably still try to wash him regularly because I don’t like smelly, dirty dogs and it just brings in unnecessary dirt and grime and other grossness.

After I walked my dog, I decided to run to the Dollar store to get a few things. I’m always needing laundry (and other)cleaning supplies and personal hygiene stuff.

Other than that, nothing exciting planned for today. I cleaned the floors and will have to clean the dishes and finish laundry at some point. It’s never ending.


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