What to Read Next.

I finished reading two books so far this week. I finished reading A Dog’s Way Home on Sunday and yesterday I read the fourth book in a civil war series that I’m reading. There’s probably close to 20 books in the series but I only have the first nine or ten that my aunt gave me. I think once I finish the books that I own in the series, I’m going to be done with the books. Who needs to read a millions books in a series?

The other book, A Dog’s Way Home is a good book. A dog is forced to be taken out of the city because the dog catcher believes he’s a pit bull, which is illegal in the city. She then runs away to find her person again and goes through all sorts of trials. I’d love to read the sequel sometime.

I don’t quite know what to read next. I checked out two books at the library but I’m not certain that I want to read either one of them right now. Now that I’m in a grove in reading my own books, I don’t want to check out any library ones at the moment. So strange how all that works out–I wanted to check out books for the longest time and now I don’t want to.


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