Weekend Pursuits 4/14/23 to 4/16/23

This weekend (so far) has been pretty busy for me. I had to take my dog for his yearly shots Friday afternoon so I took him for a walk an hour or two beforehand so he could be in a happy mood before we went inside. He whined and cried the whole time we were there and grumbled at the assistant for a minute but otherwise he was fine and let the doctor near him which was surprisingly good.

I was super sad though because the person before me had to take her dog in to be put down. We were both in the waiting area and she was rocking her heavily panting dog back and forth like a baby and then the next thing I know after she went back, I heard the people at the desk talking to her about wooden boxes and calling her next week. She left crying her eyes out and I felt so bad. How could the vet go from having to put down a dog then take care of a healthy dog the next minute? I guess you just get used to it though I don’t know how vets and doctors do that.

After we got back, I raked out the back flowerbed and dug out any weeds that I found. I saw the weirdest looking frog while I was back there:

Orange frog hiding in the leaves. Photo by Ashley French April 2023.

It was such a strange color and weird shape that I had to take a picture of it. A friend’s husband said it was some kind of frog that freezes itself over winter then thaws in the spring to look for a mate but I forget what he said it was. Anyway, I thought it was going to start a showdown with me, it was that serious.

I went to Lowe‘a a bought a couple of flowers for the front garden and planted them, got some chicken from KFC since I haven’t had any since last year and spent the late afternoon just relaxing and reading.

Saturday morning I spent cleaning up the pile of leaves I raked up before clearing out the leaves along the deck. Afterwards, I took my dog for a short car ride to the other side of town so we go for a short walk on a different part of the bike path that we don’t usually go on. We decided to walk on the part that leads to the bridge that crosses over the state route.

Happy dog. Photo copyright April 2023.

It was a 15 minute walk to get to the bridge and 15 minutes back to the car. It was hot but we were both hot. Being stubborn the dog would only take a couple sips of water before heading back home.

Afterwards I decided to take a drive to visit half price books and the library. On the way home I stopped by Home Depot to get flowers for the flower bed and look at the books in the goodwill store. Found some great flowers (3 of them tulips) but the goodwill hardly had any books, plus they moved them to the back of the store (originally by the front door.) So that was super annoying.

I planted my flowers, made myself and my dog supper and ended the day with walking the dog a short way and reading my book.

Flowerbeds are finally coming along (At last!) photo by Ashley French April 2023.

I went to bed and tried reading a new book that I picked out at the library but it was super boring for a memoir about National Parks, so I quit reading it. I ended up not falling asleep until after 11 because it was super hot and stuffy and for some reason a motorcycle or some other loud cars kept driving by )why were they out??)

I think I’ll spend my Sunday in quiet pursuits at home. I used up all my ambition the previous two days.


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