A Visit at the Beach.

Historic Waterfront in Georgetown, SC. Photo by Ashley French April 2023

At the end of April, we went down to the Carolinas for about a week. We stayed for a couple days in North Carolina before heading down to Georgetown, South Carolina.

Georgetown was beautiful, we spent the first afternoon walking down the waterfront in historic downtown or waterfront as they called it. Some things I learned from reading historical signs along the boat:

  • Georgetown is the 3rd oldest town in South Carolina
  • It was created in the 1700’s when SC was part of the original 13 colonies because the connecting rivers all emptied into the ocean and ships delivering supplies could come in and dock.
  • Georgetown was a big rice producer and there were many, many plantations with slaves doing the work (obviously.) Rice production died out by WWII because of the association with slavery but some farmers are starting to grow rice on a smaller scale.
Friendfield Marina. Photo by Ashley French April 2023

So that’s about all I learned there. I visited the maritime museum since it was free but there wasn’t anything to talk about except it had cool megalodon teeth that was found in the ocean there. while we were there, we stayed on a house boat at the Friendfield marina. It was on the Sampit river and the land used to be part of a plantation by the same name, so that was cool. The boat was small and older but comfortable. Adam went fishing but caught the same fish 3 times. Unfortunately we couldn’t swim off the pier because alligators were in the river. We didn’t see any at the boat but we saw some at Murrel’s inlet. So big and cool.

A morning stroll. Photo by Ashley French April 2023

The reason we went down was to spend time at the beach. Georgetown is 30 to 45 minutes away depending on which beach you want to go to so we took turns at different beaches. We went to Pawleys Island, Myrtle Beach, and Huntington Beach State Park.

The first couple of days were warm but super windy, making it hard to relax and read in the beach. The water was also super choppy making it so we couldn’t really swim out beyond our shins or knees. On the Wednesday I was supposed to take a surfing lesson but it got canceled because of rough waves and riptide warnings. I was disappointed but I’m glad I didn’t have to risk my life for a surf lesson.

Our dog loved the beach. He’s not a water dog but he liked running into the surf, running out and going back in. I’m glad we went during a time when dogs could be on the beach all day. It was good to spend time with both of them. I love them so much.

Playing in the water. Photo by Ashley French April 2023

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