10 things that get in the way of reading.

So yesterday’s top ten Tuesday’s prompt was:

Things that get in the way of reading.

I never remember Top Ten Tuesday because it’s not something I follow religiously until I see another blog posting about it and if it’s an interesting prompt. Since I’ve been busy the last few weeks, obviously it wasn’t on my radar. But I decided to participate (a day late) because it’s interesting and totally relatable.

Anyway, here are (at least) top ten things that get in the way of my reading:

1. Movies.

Lately I’ve been watching movies and shows in the evening rather than reading a book. There’s so many movies and shows that I’ve never seen that it’s just distracting!

2. Family.

I love spending time with my husband and dog. We’ve been doing stuff together a lot lately: gardening, traveling, taking Pablo out, visiting others that I don’t have time to sit and read. It’s a good thing I’m spending time with them and I’d rather spend time with them than read but I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

3. Travel.

We’ve been traveling and doing a lot of activities lately that are so much fun but I haven’t been reading much on our travels because there’s other cool stuff to do !

4. House.

I’ve been doing laundry, cleaning, dishes and my husband painted the family room and kitchen area as well as is shopping for a couch. So that’s been distracting me from books.

5. Work.

When I’m not at home I’m at work so there’s that, not much else I say about that. Work is work, right?

6. Exercise.

I’m trying to be more active so I’m not sitting around a lot. Exercise is good but less time to read!

7. Games.

I got 3 months free of Apple Arcade so that’s been distracting. Oregon trail and Limbo and sudoku has been my main focuses.

8. Blogging

Because I try to write at least once a week now, this is something that takes me away from reading.

9. Book Groups/Social Media

I’m a part of a couple of book groups on social media and I’ve been more focused looking on there and on social media more which I want to get away from. But I want to know what’s going on!

10. Sleep/tired

I’m just more tired by the end of the day so I just can’t focus on it anymore before bed!


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