Things we’ve been doing.

We went to the zoo on Sunday. We watched the seal and sea lion show and they jumped up to touch targets. It was cool to see how high they could go. We were with some family members and the niece liked holding my hand the whole time. She told her mommy and nana that I was her friend. She’s cute.

We went fishing for a couple hours on Monday. We saw the fish swimming around right by the bait but none of them would take it. Pablo enjoyed watching Adam fish but then he quickly got bored and wanted to go somewhere else. Apparently there weren’t enough smells.

Tonight we’re going to a German restaurant with Adam’s family since it’s his parents’ anniversary. We may or may not go to NC this weekend—unexpected car troubles happened this week so I don’t know if we’ll go. I hope so but I’m not going to hope too hard so I won’t be disappointed.

I’ve been working on my yoga and daily meditation for a while now. I think I’m becoming more flexible. Downward facing dog is still tough for me but not as bad as when I first started.

I finished a couple books this week. I didn’t like how to sell a haunted house by Grady Hendrix—too weird for me though the reveal at the end was sad. I also read the last thing he told me and that was a sad book too. I’m now reading the final girls support group by Grady Hendrix and it better be better than the previous two books I read by him or I’ll be mad. He’s quickly becoming my least favorite author. Not as bad as Colleen Hoover though. Nothing is as bad as her.


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