My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix

Someone said this cover reminded them of Stranger Things. I never saw it, so does it? Photo by Ashley French 2022 Title: My Best Friend’s ExorcismAuthor: Grady HendrixPublished: 2016 (Quirk Books)Genre: Horror Summary Abby Rivers and Gretchen Lang have been best friends since fourth grade. But when they were sophomores in high school, something strange … Continue reading My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix


Buying Books vs. Borrowing Books.

Photo by Rafael Cosquiere on Since I read fairly regularly, I should probably answer the age old questions that readers sometimes ask themselves and then answer: Do you prefer buying your books or borrowing them? Surprisingly, I feel complicated about this question for a lot of questions. Since I've worked in a library system … Continue reading Buying Books vs. Borrowing Books.

Top Ten Tuesday: Books Set in a Place I’d love to Visit

I always forget about top ten Tuesday, mainly because some of the prompts I don’t like. Yesterday I read a blog post participating in this week’s prompt and I really liked it so I decided to write my own response. Obviously today is Wednesday as I’m writing this so I’m a day late, but it … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday: Books Set in a Place I’d love to Visit

No Interest.

Photo by Ike louie Natividad on My interest in reading books is waning again. Don't worry, I'm not depressed or anything; this is something that happens to me occasionally. I'll get super excited about reading and read a whole bunch, so I check out a whole bunch of books and suddenly I don't feel … Continue reading No Interest.

Jaws by Peter Benchley

Title: JawsAuthor: Peter BenchleyGenre: Fiction: ThrillerPublished: 1974 (Ballantine Books) Plot When a man eating shark moves in off coastal town of Amity, police chief Brody and various townsfolk must make difficult decisions on whether or not to keep the beaches open and risk losing potential revenue while trying to figure out how to get rid … Continue reading Jaws by Peter Benchley

8 of My Least Favorite Characters From Books and Movies.

Photo by Pixabay on We always talk about our favorite characters from different books and movies and tv shows, but every once in a while there's a character that you just don't like no matter how many times you read about them. Sometimes they're just a mild annoyance, other times they make you want … Continue reading 8 of My Least Favorite Characters From Books and Movies.

Nicholas Sparks Books You Should Read.

Photo by Mark Stebnicki on Nicholas Sparks is another who has established himself as THE author for sad romance novels set along the Carolina coast. He's been around for a number of years now and people either love him or hate him. Most of his books follow the general formula for a storyline, so … Continue reading Nicholas Sparks Books You Should Read.