Things we’ve been doing.

We went to the zoo on Sunday. We watched the seal and sea lion show and they jumped up to touch targets. It was cool to see how high they could go. We were with some family members and the niece liked holding my hand the whole time. She told her mommy and nana that … Continue reading Things we’ve been doing.


Do you have children?

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain. I don't like being asked when I'm having children. It doesn't matter when I'm having children because it's no one else's business except for myself and my husband. Whether or not I have children doesn't affect you in any way, so don't ask me. I … Continue reading Do you have children?

My Week In Review 3/4/23

I’ve made a little progress in reading and movies this week. Movies I watched Primal Fear starring Richard Gere and a young Edward Norton. I watched it in high school and was enthralled with it both then and now. Gere is a cocky defense lawyer trying to prove that his client (Edward Norton) is innocent … Continue reading My Week In Review 3/4/23

My February 2023 in Books

I read five books in February. This is amazing considering I had a cold at the beginning of the month and didn’t feel like reading. Granted one was an unusual cookbook with blurbs in it and another one was super short but that’s okay. Plus one or two I was reading for forever and happened … Continue reading My February 2023 in Books

What I did and cooked on a rainy Monday.

Because it was a heavy rain and wind day yesterday, I stayed home all day. I did a little bit of laundry but mostly I just snuggled and read all day. Apparently there was a lot of tornado warnings around the state but nothing near my house. Even my husband had to sit in the … Continue reading What I did and cooked on a rainy Monday.

Feeling Old

Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore? I don’t think so. I never went out to the clubs and partied when I was younger so I don’t miss that. I still read whatever books I want to read and I go hiking and rock climbing when I’m able too. We still travel … Continue reading Feeling Old