An evening out.

A good barbeque meal. Photo by Ashley French 2022.

Yesterday was a work day for me. My husband being the sweet man that he was, drove me to work and picked me up after my shift. Not being big into driving lately, I appreciated him for saving me from having to drive myself. It was mostly quiet at work but I didn’t mind so much. Sometimes it’s nice to have a quiet day. After work, we spent some time at home to re-focus.

Around 5, we decided to go down to the golf course and have supper. They have a barbecue restaurant there that we hadn’t really tried yet and it was super good. He had the brisket with coleslaw and I had pulled pork with green beans and French fries. The beans tasted a little strong and bitter, so I had A. try them for me. He reckoned there was vinegar and pepper on them, which explains why they tasted the way they did. Overall, it was a good meal, if a little too much food. I’d go back again.

Putting time. Photo by Ashley French 2022.

While we were waiting for our food, A. went down the hall to ask them if he could practice putting on their putting green without having to pay the price of using the course. They said of course he could, so after we ate, we went over and I watched him putt. His hits were good, but no hole in ones. He convinced me to hit a couple of balls. I hit two balls and I was able to get them really close to the hole. They probably would have gotten in with a second hit. I must have had beginner’s luck.

Overall, it was a good evening and I’m glad I got to spend some time with my husband.


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